Vaccinated Blood Shows Extensive And Obvious Damage

Vaccine Adverse Effects

The 60+ member Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis identified extensive foreign matter and irregularities in vaccinated blood. 48 samples of vaccinated blood were analyzed, and all 48 had clear signs of abnormality. AI analysis of the optical microscope images differentiated between vaxed and unvaxed blood with 100% accuracy and nearly 100% certainty (page 32). The conclusion of their report follows:

In order to avert a direct and imminent danger to human life and public safety, we ask that the COVID-19 vaccination programs be discontinued immediately.

3 Italian doctors analyzed 1,006 samples using optical microscopy, 94% of which exhibited blatantly obvious post vaccine abnormalities. The conclusion of their report follows:

In conclusion, such an abrupt change in peripheral blood smears has never been observed after inoculation of vaccines, with transition from a state of perfect normality to a pathological one, with hemolysis, packing of red blood cells and stacking of the same in complex and gigantic conglomerates.
To our knowledge such a large quantity of particles in the blood apparently incompatible with a normal blood flow of the microcirculation and which change over time, with self-aggregation phenomena has never been documented as of yet.
Further studies are needed to define the nature of the blood particles found, where they come from and to identify possible solutions.

See the analyses here.

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