Magnetic Material Causes Rejection of 1.6 Million Vaccine Doses

Several observations in vials of the Moderna COVID vaccine of particulate matter that reacts to magnets have caused Japan to reject 1.6 million doses. This certainly gives credibility to reports of magnetic attraction occurring at the injection site. Given this article in the National Library of Medicine, it appears that this phenomenon is to be […]

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The COVID vaccine data is catastrophically alarming. Annual Cases of Death peak at 605 for the last 30 years, then reach 13,809 and counting in 2021 Running Totals of COVID Vaccine Death, Hospitalization, Urgent Care, Office Visits, Anaphylaxis, Bell’s Palsy, Miscarriages, Heart Attacks, Myocarditis / Pericarditis, Permanent Disability, Thrombocytopenia / Low Platelet, Life-Threatening Situations, Severe […]

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FDA Officially Loses All Credibility by Approving the COVID Vaccine

It is shocking – and yet at the same time not – that the FDA granted full approval today to the Pfizer COVID vaccine. By granting emergency use authorization for the vaccine, the FDA already lost significant credibility. But it could have yet been salvaged by leaving it at EUA and rejecting any further approval. […]

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VAERS Case Nos. 1380716, 1403396, 960841, 1204016 & 1321517: 22/23-Year-Olds Die After COVID Vaccination

Case #1380716 received by VAERS on 6/8/2021: “Missed second dose; Heart attack; heart was racing; stomach bothering him; 101.4 degrees fever; chills; some headaches; This spontaneous case was reported by a consumer and describes the occurrence of MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION (Heart attack) in a 22-year-old male patient who received mRNA-1273 (batch no. 025B21A) for COVID-19 vaccination. […]

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VAERS Case Nos. 1121695, 1140258, 1198540, 1206323 & 1243791: 21-Year-Olds Die After COVID Vaccination

Case #1121695 received by VAERS on 3/22/2021: “The patient, who has no significant past medical history including diabetes, presented with very severe diabetic ketoacidosis one week after receiving the vaccine. He developed severe metabolic encephalopathy, aspiration pneumonia, and was placed on mechanical ventilation. At the time of this reporting, he is [brain dead] (awaiting apnea […]

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Treatment From Doctors Who Value Patients More Than Agendas

Finding a doctor you can trust is a real concern. America’s Frontline Doctors are taking the lead to prevent victims of vaccination and help people thru COVID-19. Their team of doctors is licensed to practice in every state. Their telemedicine service is an excellent option for nonemergency situations, including prophylactic (preventive) and early (home) treatment […]

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