Summarizes VAERS Data

Vaccine Adverse Effects

The COVID vaccine data is catastrophically alarming.

Annual Cases of Death peak at 605 for the last 30 years, then reach 13,809 and counting in 2021

Running Totals of COVID Vaccine Death, Hospitalization, Urgent Care, Office Visits, Anaphylaxis, Bell’s Palsy, Miscarriages, Heart Attacks, Myocarditis / Pericarditis, Permanent Disability, Thrombocytopenia / Low Platelet, Life-Threatening Situations, Severe Allergic Reactions, and Shingles

5 thoughts on “ Summarizes VAERS Data

  1. What do I say to a close relative who is insisting I get the vaccine out of sincere concern? I had a heart valve transplant last year, went well. In good health on no meds except baby aspirin.

    1. Lynne,
      DON’T DO IT! Almost everyone we know who has gotten the “jab” has suffered a great deal of pain. From weeks of uncontrollable high blood pressure, to 2 otherwise healthy 30 something pregnant women who miscarried within days of getting the “jab” to a mid thirty young man who now has heart problems, to my wife’s cousin who got the 3rd ” jab” and had congestive heart failure within days. 😢 The Dr we fired after 10 years, decided to come on like Jack the bear, resorting to bullying tactics when we said NO to the “jab” kept saying over and over ” stop worrying, it’s just antidotal”. I’d like to see him say that to the many people we know who are now suffering……

  2. Why are they still pushing the shots? when there are so many deaths & permanent disabilities due to them? When we know they stopped all shots before from just 25 deaths. Also, why are they pushing it so hard when we ALL know there are HIGHLY Effective treatments that work & the recovery rate is almost 100%. What can I do as a concerned citizen besides signing petitions? I’m already struggling daily with four auto-immune diseases since being diagnosed due to the regular flu shots I received several years ago. They need to stop all shots, tests & masks & these criminals are guilty of premeditated Murder & Must be held accountable! What about the update of the two Drs that found the “creature” “parasite” “the thing” in several Covet shots. We need to DEMAND to know who is putting these disgusting creatures in the shots & why the hell is graphene in the shots? The Dr from Russia said these creatures lay eggs & feed on graphene. We cannot comply to their demands AT ALL! They need to be put in prison for their crimes against humanity.

    1. For those profiting from the current policies, those who lose their lives are expendable.
      The standard being applied is strictly economic. Neither health nor science matter to those currently benefiting.

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