Hold Vaccines Accountable to Science, Ethics, Liability, and Full Disclosure

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US law under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act of 2005 (PREP) affords vaccine companies strong protection (total protection in the case of PREP) from liability for harm caused by a vaccine.  Other countries commonly allow for such immunity (no pun intended) as well.  Why are vaccines, essentially a drug like any other, afforded such special treatment?  Isn’t such sweeping protection unmitigated incentive to relentlessly push vaccines upon the public?

For all other drugs, there are lists of warnings a mile long, up to and including death.  This is sobering to the prospective consumer, as it should be.  One considers the options very carefully as a result.  And after all, with all these warnings (no doubt driven by the rightful reality of liability), YOU, the consumer, make the decision to use the drug, so don’t think that the manufacturer is going to be liable.  You were warned.  Fair enough, objectively speaking.

But we’re expected to believe that vaccines are somehow just “safe and effective”.  Period.  Really?  The evidence of allergies, autoimmunity, asthma, autism, and anaphylactic shock (just to begin alphabetically) are all just bunk?!  No need to be warned?  Vaccines are somehow miraculously developed in a bubble of perfection?  And let’s not forget about the serious ethical and consequential aspects of using aborted baby tissue to develop vaccines.  Let’s also not forget that babies and young children, obviously unable to decide for themselves, are prime targets of vaccination.

The real efficacy and safety of vaccines has yet to be scientifically established.  Vaccines are credited with “eradicating disease” in the absence of numerous significant factors, including naturally-developed immunities, a well-nourished immune system, good overall health, hygiene, sanitation, and a clean environment.

We demand rigorous testing and full disclosure. Let the chips of science fall where they may.  People deserve to know all the facts to make an informed decision. Eliminate special protection for vaccine companies. Force their products to stand up in a court of law like all the rest. And don’t let the physicians who blindly push these vaccines off the hook, either. Medical professionals should be heavily scrutinizing what’s injected into their patients.

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