Saluting The Truckers Trampling Out Tyranny

Action & Unity

Canadian truckers have rolled in a revolution. These courageous individuals are taking a stand at great personal cost to restore freedom for all of us. Multitudes of Canadians have joined them. Many more will be following their example around the world. Isn’t it ironic that endless months of unnecessary shutdowns were encouraged by governments the world over, but just days of shutting down the Ambassador Bridge for the cause of freedom is now considered criminal by these same governments? Will the likes of Justinept Liedeau and Joke Biden ever relent from their Nazi ways?

“End the protest by repealing the mandate and recognizing that while the vast majority of truck drivers are vaccinated, there are some who for many reasons are choosing not to get vaccinated but deserve to be respected and allowed to do their jobs and serve our countries with dignity,” wrote Matt Moroun, owner of the Ambassador Bridge. Right on.

Be a part of “Rolling In The Revolution”!

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