The COVID Vaccine Doesn’t Add Up

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COVID-19 was reported.  Mayhem ensued.  But then, things got better.  Half the world’s population wasn’t lost. Thankfully, not even close, even with the numbers that we now know to be greatly exaggerated.  But, as expected, the hype and over-reaction instilled fear and panic. There must be something we can do?  Alas, the solution is presented – you can get vaccinated!  Life will return to normal, and the world will be a happy place once again!  But wait, people are getting vaccinated, and then getting COVID!  How do we explain this?  Well, these are breakthrough cases.  You know, the vaccine is effective, but, well, not exactly 100%.  Or maybe you were infected before you got the vaccine, or maybe it’s the delta variant, or maybe the immunity hasn’t kicked in yet…

Oh, and by the way, it’s recommended that you still wear that mask.  Really?  The logical mind is crying for more than shots in the dark here (no pun intended).  The world would do well to be reminded that there is a thing called science, which can be applied to methodically explain phenomena, and even effectively solve problems.  However, it doesn’t work well in conjunction with agendas, because science doesn’t take direction from us.  God authored science, and we are left to understand it, appreciate it, and work within its confines.

So let’s try to apply science and logically fill in some blanks, starting with those who, during this entire “pandemic”, never got the Wuflu.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  We’ve all had plenty of opportunity to be exposed to whatever’s out there.  Could there be something to a healthy immune system, perhaps?  We are expected to believe that there is nothing to talk about there. Why? Because the science of health doesn’t fit the agenda.

So, you get your necessary nutrients, live a healthy lifestyle, and voila, as God intended, you have a healthy immune system, meaning that you can fend off COVID like so many other germs that come your way. Clearly, you have immunity.  BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER.  GET VACCINATED.  Huh, what?  WHY?  Immunity is immunity.  If I’m immune, then why take the risk of the vaccine?  Why end up sick or dead from an artificial, risky vaccine, when I’m doing just fine, thank you very much?  Well, science be damned, and damn you too, because the agenda is vaccination – so just get vaccinated.  That’s what it comes down to, plain & simple.  Big Pharma profits, the new world order, you name it, depend on YOU getting vaccinated.  So be “socially responsible”.  Just do it.

We are being lied to.  No astute mind doubts this any longer.  This one-sided narrative has pushed the limit.  Nothing is ever without another side to the story, and the more that other side is suppressed, the more obvious it is that a sinister agenda is at play.  Some may manage to stay healthy despite vaccination.  In fact, being vaccinated without ending up as a VAERS case is a tribute to your immune health.  Your system is able to withstand an outright assault.  You may be strong enough to withstand natural exposure, but are you sure you’re strong enough to withstand a direct injection?  This is survival of the fittest on full display.  Are you a survivor?

Hear what prominent scientist Michael Yeadon has to say about COVID.

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