A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

All Things Vax

It takes little imagination to compare this image to the worldview of those pushing the COVID vaccine. We are merely cattle to them, to be totally owned, controlled, used, and abused. An exaggeration? I dare say not. This is the epitome of the loss of freedom. NO consent – let alone informed consent. This image further illustrates the unhealthy, unsanitary conditions under which disease is a legitimate problem. Any creature living under such conditions is destined to be barraged by illness. Such living conditions are wrong for cattle, let alone people. We would do well to remember that the outbreaks of debilitating and fatal diseases were inextricably linked to unhealthy, unsanitary living conditions – close quarters, poor hygiene, poor sanitation, and malnutrition. Surely you’ll be able to fill in the remaining 880 words.

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