There’s No Substitute For Strong Immune Health

Prevention and Treatment

Despite avoiding the wuflu for a year and a half since the height of the hype, I finally fell victim.  I ended up with pneumonia and getting treated with steroids, but fortunately recovered after about 2 weeks.  With so many being injected with the virus (certainly there are technical nuances to this, but in essence, that’s the end result), there’s no doubt more prevalence of COVID than ever.  Perhaps we might call it the “vaccine variant”? Regardless, I should have done much earlier what I’m doing now – doubling down on vitamins.  All along I’ve been taking vitamin C and D, eating flaxseed oil and garlic, but not enough.  I’ve also added a garlic supplement (Kyolic) that includes other immune beneficial extracts, quercetin; Ener-C – a multivitamin drink mix, and probiotics.

Establishment healthcare is tragically and willfully ignorant of the significance of vitamins and medicinal qualities of food.  Doctors are trained to live in a world of prescription drugs.  Big Pharma’s influence has dominated the medical field.  Dr. Richard Bartlett, known for using budesonide inhalation (a steroid) to treat COVID-induced pneumonia, when asked about using vitamins C and D in conjunction with this treatment, replied, “I’m an MD, and so my training and my 28 years of experience has been with FDA approved medications…”

This statement is really worth pondering for a moment.  Shouldn’t doctors be experts in keeping the body healthy?  Certainly this would require a thorough understanding of vitamins and nutrition.  How tragic that such supposedly highly educated individuals are so ignorant of the basics.  Nevertheless, I will not detract from Dr. Bartlett’s initiative in treating COVID patients.  In fact, I believe that using budesonide is what kept my mother’s infection from developing into pneumonia.

Let’s be real.  There’s Big $$$ in drugs and vaccines.  Healthy people don’t need them.  We find ourselves in a very sick world (no pun intended;).  Rather than focusing on fending off illness by nourishing our immune system with the right vitamins and nutrients, the focus is on injecting people with garbage.  When will sanity resume?  How many must fall ill and die before perpetrators are held accountable?

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