Those Who Refused The Covax Are Being Vindicated

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As time goes on, we see more and more how ineffective and unsafe vaccines really are, and those who refuse them on the grounds of science, ethics, and good judgment are being vindicated for doing the right thing for themselves and others. “Those who persevere to the end shall be saved” comes to mind. Many refused to fight and caved to the pressure, but many held to their convictions, often at great personal cost. Hospitals are now starting to drop vaccine mandates for staff. HCA Healthcare Inc., Tenet Healthcare Corp., Advent Health, and Cleveland Clinic have gotten the message. More will surely follow.

Careful scientific analysis of the covax (already well underway) will overwhelmingly prove its extensive flaws, inherent futility, and (dare we say) even its sinister intent. There’s more than enough real world evidence at this point to warrant such findings. Vaccination is a highly flawed science driven largely by the greed of Big Pharma. All of humanity must demand that the perpetrators of this scheme be punished severely for their crimes.

America was founded on the basic human principles of liberty and resistance to tyranny. The forces of evil that work relentlessly to destroy the heart and soul of America took to forced vaccination as the weapon of choice in their present assault. Indeed, this is a major assault on all of humanity.

As you gather this year for Christmas, be mindful to keep your distance from those who’ve been vaccinated, as they pose a serious danger to the unvaccinated. And remember… vitamins, vitamins, vitamins (God’s medicine). Giving your body what it needs to fend off infection and disease is indispensable.

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