Why Should Healthcare Workers And Soldiers Be 2nd Class Citizens?

Unvaccinated Victims

There was a time in America when discrimination was protected on the basis of one’s exterior appearance. Now it’s protected on the basis of what is or isn’t inside your body. Is this supposed to be progress? What’s next?

Whatever happened to EQUALITY under the law? As Americans, we are entitled to FREEDOM. By all standards, freedom is the very foundation of our country. And yet, if you happen to be an American healthcare worker or soldier, you’re undeserving of this freedom. You’re unable to freely choose something as basic as what gets injected into your body. It’s rather ironic, wouldn’t you say, that those whose mission is to fight for freedom have theirs taken away? Isn’t it equally ironic that those whose mission is to promote and restore health must submit to an injection which is proven to be harmful to your health?

What’s equally ironic is that a few misguided, unstable, irrational, corrupt, extreme, or otherwise simply incoherent individuals are able to foist this madness upon millions of upstanding and clear-thinking Americans. This is the very definition of tyranny. This is the very opposite of America. The executive god and collective judicial god have put their disdain for American citizens on full display, relentlessly trampling the most basic of human rights. Let’s hope and pray that those we’ve elected to represent us in the 3rd branch of our failing experiment in “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” are able to salvage what’s left of our free society and restore liberty and justice FOR ALL.

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