Think About Others Before You Get Vaccinated

Unvaccinated Victims

Your decision to get vaccinated has implications for yourself and others. Here are some things to consider:

Who will I leave behind if my vaccination has fatal consequences?

Who will be left to care for me if I become incapacitated?

How will my weakened health affect those I love?

Am I willing to accept missing out on relationships with others who choose to avoid vaccinated people?

Am I willing to put others at risk of dissemination?

It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that some will not be willing to enter into a relationship with someone who’s been vaccinated. The effects of vaccination on reproduction can be devastating, destroying a couple’s ability to have children. Given the unknown long term effects of vaccination, it’s reasonable to assume hesitancy to commit to someone with a likelihood of imminent health problems.

Dissemination is a very real concern. Being in close contact with a recently vaccinated person can cause symptoms ranging from those of the flu “to a variety of bleeding: irregular menstrual flow, young girls bleeding well before expected onset of menses, post-menopausal women bleeding, testicular pain and genital rashes in boys, and, in at least one clear case, death.” In the preceding linked reference, Dr. Lee Merritt describes having “had the experience of touching a recently vaccinated patient, and almost a week later, develop[ing] significant nose bleeding that stopped only after dosing with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Many would say that this was a coincidence, but at age 68, this was the first nosebleed of my life.”

The same article goes on to explain how in 2015 self-disseminating vaccines were used in Australia to decrease the population of mice.

Clearly Big Pharma and Big Government have the resources to flood the TV and radio waves with propaganda to the contrary, but, if you’re considering vaccination in terms of “social responsibility”, then DON’T get vaccinated.

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