Trying Times For Healthcare Workers

Unvaccinated Victims

Not long ago, healthcare workers were considered heroes. Now, the ones who exercise good judgment in not getting vaccinated are considered trash – being kicked out of their profession. One day they’re entrusted with the lives of their patients, and the next day they’re considered incompetent to make their own medical decisions? This is totally outrageous, and those leading this tyrannical show of absurdity should be ashamed of themselves and relegated to oblivion.

Do not give in! Show your heroism! Fight for the rights that humanity holds sacred! The battle is arduous, but YOU WILL PREVAIL! The forces of tyranny are trying to wear us down, coerce, manipulate, break our spirits, demean, belittle, and dehumanize us. Despite Claims To The Contrary, You Own Your Body!

Indianapolis-based IU Health has suspended unvaccinated workers as of September 1st for 2 weeks without pay. Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System is threatening to fire anyone who’s unvaccinated by September 10th. Trinity Health, with 92 hospitals and hundreds of primary, specialty, and continuing care centers in 22 states, is requiring staff at most sites to submit proof of vaccination by September 21st. Medical facilities are playing hardball, and they’re counting on being able to bully their employees into submission. These are crazy times. Eventually, there will be legal justice. This is unmitigated discrimination and totally contrary to a free society.

Everyone can do their part by refusing to visit medical facilities that force vaccination.

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