Perhaps Well-Intentioned, But Child Abuse Nonetheless

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As a society, we really need to be far more objective about what we consider “child abuse”. Children are long-time victims of vaccination. At the recommendation of Big Pharma, infants are mercilessly injected with the toxic injections, of course under the pretense of their own health. Thankfully, their bodies’ innate resilience allows them to thwart off severe debilitation in most cases, but why chance it? Why subject them to allergies, autism, autoimmunity, deafness, blindness… For the sake of Big Pharma profits? Because incompetent and careless doctors misguide well-intentioned and trusting parents? Where is the accountability? Shouldn’t the focus be on infusing children with nutrients, not injecting them with toxins?

Now we’re masking them – depriving them of oxygen? Under what pretense? Protecting them from a virus that they’re not even susceptible to? [] [] Again, where is the accountability? But, in all objectivity, should we be surprised? A society that considers abortion to be an acceptable practice is sure to err greatly in the care of its children.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps Well-Intentioned, But Child Abuse Nonetheless

  1. Autism has been proven countless times to not be related to vaccination. The doctor that originally published this falsified the study results and had since lost his license. Stop spreading this.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Melissa! Perhaps you should consider information directly from the vaccine manufacturer:

      Generic Name: diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccine (aka: DTaP)
      Brand Name: Tripedia
      Last updated on RxList: 8/15/2018

      “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia (diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccine) vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, AUTISM [emphasis added], convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the SERIOUSNESS OR FREQUENCY [emphasis added] of reporting.” –

      “The cause (or causes) of autism are not yet fully understood. However, it is believed that at least some cases involve an inherited or acquired genetic defect. Researchers have proposed that the immune-system, metabolic, and environmental factors may play an important part as well. It is not caused by emotional trauma, as was once theorized.” –

      It’s interesting how autism NOT being caused by emotional trauma is mentioned in the definition, yet vaccines are conspicuously not mentioned, though the immune system IS specifically mentioned.

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