Is The Catholic Church Growing Cold to Science And Ethics?

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Much of the “official” Catholic Church has fallen right in line with the Big Pharma / Big Gov / Big Media COVID vaccine agenda. To many, it is no surprise that the Catholic Church has joined forces with the destructive and atheist forces of society, especially considering the current leadership, but it should nevertheless be disconcerting (to put it mildly). Blatant disregard for science, and especially ethics, is very troubling. After all, truth is central to Christianity. Protestant minister turned “Catholic apologist” Al Kresta, President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio and host of “Kresta┬áin the Afternoon”, has become a prominent apologist for the vax agenda. Ave Maria Radio has dedicated a whole web page to advocating for the senseless and harmful vaccine.

The lies they parrot are the typical arguments of ignorance and disregard for fact:

  • Discrediting the victims of vaccination, i.e., the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
  • “In the case of COVID-19, the Holy See and the USCCB argue that receiving the vaccine promotes the common good by curbing the spread of the virus.” The facts have more than disproven this fallacious assertion, but it doesn’t matter to those who push the agenda.
  • Shameless justification for accepting the vaccine despite its development with aborted baby tissue.

The Catholic Church rightfully maintains an anti-abortion and anti-contraception position, but fails to see the evil and harm posed by vaccination. Catholic hospitals have bought into the agenda. Even Catholic dating site “Catholic Match” states in its forum rules that, “Topics related to anything regarding COVID-19 (masks, vaccines, gov restrictions etc are prohibited)”, in an effort to squelch objective perspective on vaccination.

Fortunately, there are Catholic voices who haven’t succumbed. Pamela Acker, M.S., author of Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, refutes the misinformation about vaccines propagated thru the Church, as do Bishops Schneider and Vigano. These are the voices that will salvage what’s left of the Catholic Church’s credibility on matters of science and ethics. May God have mercy on those who lead the sheep to the slaughter, or silently stand by and watch, while claiming to be Christian.

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