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If the intent of the covax were to keep people healthy, then vaccination would have ceased long ago. In fact, it likely wouldn’t have ever commenced. Let’s look at the current VAERS numbers – Over 20,000 reported deaths, over 30,000 permanently disabled, over 150,000 doctor’s office visits, over 100,000 hospitalizations, over 100,000 urgent care visits, over 35,000 severe allergic reactions, over 20,000 reported cases of myocarditis / pericarditis, over 12,000 cases of Bell’s Palsy, over 10,000 heart attacks, over 8,000 cases of anaphylaxis, and over 3,000 miscarriages, among others. And these numbers may represent less than 1% of actual incidents (see report and doctor caught on camera). That’s right – multiply each of these numbers by 100.

Clearly health is not the intent of this injection. Indeed, the safety and supposed necessity of all vaccines should be called into very serious question. Big Pharma / Big Medicine wield tremendous power and influence. They exist for Big Profits. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. They have no interest in the vitamins and nutrients necessary to keep you healthy and able to fend off infection and disease because there’s no money in them. They can’t be patented. They can’t be prescribed. Of course, being healthy means no doctor visits – also bad for business. It really is as simple as that. If you think that your doctor is working for you, think again!

Having said that, some doctors do try to do the right thing. MDs Sucharit Bhakdi and Arne Burkhardt (Doctors for COVID Ethics) identify why the covax cannot protect against infection. They also bring to light how it’s prone to attack the body, which correlates with the motion for a temporary restraining order filed by America’s Frontline Doctors on May 20, 2021 (see ‘c’ below):

  • The Spike Proteins created by the COVID-19 vaccines are risky:
    • a. Reproductive Health: Spike proteins are in the same family as the naturally occurring syncytin-1 and syncytin-2 reproductive proteins in sperm, ova, placenta.32 Antibodies raised against spike protein might interact with the naturally occurring syncytin proteins, adversely affecting multiple steps in human reproduction. The manufacturers did not provide data on this subject despite knowing about this spike protein similarity on syncytin proteins for more than one year; there are now a very high number of pregnancy losses in VAERS33 and worldwide reports of irregular vaginal bleeding without clear explanation.
    • b. Vascular Disease: Salk researchers in collaboration with the University of San Diego, published in Circulation Research that the spike proteins themselves damage vascular cells, causing strokes or many other vascular problems.34 All the vaccines are causing clotting disorders (coagulopathy) in all ages.35 The spike proteins are known to cause clotting that the body cannot fix. Brain thrombosis, thrombocytopenia.36
    • c. Autoimmune disease: The vaccines induce our cells to manufacture (virus-free) spike proteins. These spike proteins are then perceived to be foreign by the human immune system, initiating an immune response to fight them. While that is the intended therapeutic principle, it is also the case that any cell expressing spike proteins becomes a target for destruction by our own immune system. This is an auto-immune disorder and can affect virtually any organ in the body. It is likely that some proportion of spike protein will become permanently fused to long-lived human proteins and this will prime the body for prolonged autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can take years to show symptoms and many scientists are alarmed at giving young people such a trigger for possible autoimmune disease.
    • d. Spike proteins directly cause disease: It is clear that spike proteins are not simple, passive structures which the virus uses to attach itself to cells. The spike protein is itself biologically active, even without the virus and these bind to our cells even more tightly causing harm to endothelial cells37 which are throughout the entire human body, in blood tissue38, in lung tissue.39 The spike protein, being “fusogenic”, promotes cells to adhere to one another, initiating blood coagulation – including in the brain. Spike proteins also cross the blood-brain-barrier, a sacrosanct space in medicine. This has never been done before in a vaccine and the neurological effects are unknown.40
    • e. Effect on the young: The vaccines are more deadly or harmful to the young than the virus, and that is excluding the unknown future effects on fertility, clotting, and autoimmune disease. There is a statistically zero chance of death from SARS-CoV-2 under age 18 according to the CDC but there are reports of heart inflammation in young men41 and at least one documented fatal heart attack of a healthy 15-year old boy in Colorado two days after his Pfizer shot.42 The vaccines induce the cells of the recipient to manufacture trillions of spike proteins with the pathology described above. Because immune responses in the young and healthy are more vigorous than those in the old, paradoxically, the vaccines may thereby induce, in the very people least in need of assistance, a very strong immune response, including those which can damage their own cells and tissues as well as by stimulating blood coagulation.
    • f. Chronic Disease: Healthy children whose birthright is decades of healthy life will instead face premature death or decades of chronic disease43. We cannot say what percentage will be affected with antibody dependent enhancement44, neurological disorders45, autoimmune disease46 and reproductive problems47, but it is a virtual certainty that this will occur.
    • g. Unknown Effects: Worldwide there are unexpectedly higher rates of death after receiving the vaccine.48 Additionally, prior coronavirus and similar vaccines caused a phenomenon known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) which is a paradoxically worse disease typically causing death or critical illness when the child or animal later encountered the virus in the wild. ADE is discovered during long term animal studies, and thus it is still an unknown risk.
    • h. Effect on society: Scientists are concerned that universal inoculation may create more virulent strains. This has been observed with Marek’s Disease in chickens.49 Due to vaccinating a large number of chickens who were not at risk of death, now all chickens must be vaccinated or they will die from a virus that was nonlethal prior to widespread vaccination. It is a serious concern that our current vaccination policy, vaccinating everyone instead of those at risk, will over time, exert the same evolutionary pressure toward more highly virulent strains.

Furthermore, the vaccinated shed spike proteins (which are pathogenic (cause disease) just like the full virus, but also bind tighter than the fully intact virus), putting others at risk of pericarditis, shingles, pneumonia, blood clots in the extremities and brain, Bell’s Palsy, vaginal bleeding, miscarriages, and autoimmune disease.

And then there’s Joke Biden and company – pushing to ensure that all suffer from this injection. What would we do without the government to look out for our health and well-being?

Oh, and by the way, are we really supposed to believe that Biden, Gates, Fauci, Francis, and the like actually allowed themselves to be injected with the covax? Show me a picture of any of them getting a shot and I’ll show you a photo op with a water-filled syringe as a prop.

33 VAERS database 2900 miscarriages! Queried by author on April 23, 2021
42 VAERS database 1242573-1
48 Author AFLDS data

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